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The Road To Ruin
Composer: Zeffiro, William
Irving, George S./Morrison, Ann/Moriber, Brooke Sunny

Price: $17.95

Audio CD

Product Description
Is America Headed For Destruction? Find out in the vibrant Life Story of a delinquent girl Singing and Dancing down The Road To Ruin. A New Musical Comedy with Book, Music and Lyrics by William Zeffiro; 19 Tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Welcome To Our Tent/Filthy World (3:15)(George S. Irving, Brooke Sunny Moriber & Company)
2. Other Joys (2:19) (Brooke Sunny Moriber)
3. Every Day's A New Day (:53) (Sebastian Arcelus)
4. Eve's Passion School (1:51) (Cristina Fadale, Stephanie Kurtzuba)
5. Radithor (2:50) (Vicki Van Tassel, Michael Dantuono, Company)
6. Am I A Good Girl? (2:21) (Stephanie Kurtzuba)
7. Everyone Likes To Watch (3:18) (Cristina Fadale)
8. The Man Nobody Knows (2:32) (Sebastian Arcelus, Stephanie Kurtzuba)
9. The Coue Way (3:28) (Vicki Van Tassel, Michael Dantuono, Brooke Sunny Moriber)
10. Hey There Tootsie/You Can Bet Your Sweater (2:21) (Johnathan Sandler, William Zeffiro, Lynne Wilson)
11. The Road To Ruin (2:19) (Stephanie Kurtzuba)
12. The Mah'Jong Song (3:15) (Ann Morrison, Vicki Van Tassel, Lynne Wilson, Jenn Caryn)
13. A Few Years From Now (2:19) (Brooke Sunny Moriber)
14. The Ballad Of The Bobbed Hair Bandit (3:29) (William Zeffiro, Cristina Fadale, Stephanie Kurtzuba)
15. Henger's Harangue/It's Your Life Or It's' (2:23) (George S. Irving & Company)
16. Flora's Filosophy (4:07) (Ann Morrison, Brooke Sunny Moriber & Company)
17. What The Hell Is Going On/The Puppy Chorus (13:09) (Brooke Sunny Moriber, Michael Dantuono, Ann Morrison, George S. Irving, Vicki Van Tassel, Sebastian Arcelus & Company)
18. Look At Her (2:16) (George S. Irving) (Bonus Track)

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