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Lost Broadway and More - Volume 3 (24 Rare Show Tunes) CD-R

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(CD-R) Lost Broadway 3 with unrecorded songs from Goodtime Charlie Merrily We Roll Along, I'm Solomon, The Yearling, Something More, and Ain't Broadway Grand! Looks for songs from , Love From Judy, Dream With Music, Nowhere To Go But Up, The Little Show, Here's Where I Belong, Barefoot Boy With Cheek, Garrick Gaieties, Are You With It?, Take Me Along, Something More!, Allah Be Praised, East Wind, and Great To Be Alive.

1. Overture (feat. Michael Lavine) 1:03
2. Tomorrow's Good Old Days (feat. Michael Lavine, Steven Brinberg, Ian Michael Stuart, Alex Rolocek, Jillian Louis, Susan Fanale, Nicolette Hart) 2:57
3. I Could Be Happy with One Little Boy (feat. Sarah Rice) 2:49
4. I Never Dream When I'm Asleep (feat. Megan McGinnis) 2:01
5. Life Begins with Love (feat. Michael Lavine) 3:12
6. Dame Crazy (feat. Andrew Samonsky, Leah Horowitz) 2:02
7. Something in His Eyes (feat. Jillian Louis) 1:32 8. Growing Up is Learning to Say Goodbye (feat. Steven Brinberg as Cher) 2:03
9. I'm Afraid I'm in Love (feat. Megan McGinnis) 3:03 10. Baby, Baby (feat. Andrew Samonsky, Leah Horowitz) 2:25 11. Hammacher, Schlemmer, I Love You (feat. Michael Lavine) 0:32
12. Waking Up Sun (feat. Heather MacRae, Robert Waldman) 4:23 13. It's Too Nice a Day to Go to School (feat. Melissa Dye, Jillian Louis, Michael Lavine) 3:21 14. I Knew I'd Know (feat. Melissa Dye) 2:16
15. I Am Only Human After All (feat. Michael Lavine, Joan Bender) 3:13
16. This is My Beloved (feat. Susan Fanale) 4:03
17. If Jesus Don't Love You (feat. Christine Pedi, Michael Lavine, Sheldon Harnick, Michele Ragusa) 3:16
18. You and Your Broken Heart (feat. Jillian Louis) 3:21
19. Better All the Time (feat. Leah Horowitz) 2:30
20. Growing Up is Learning to Say Goodbye (feat. Steven Brinberg as Barbra) 2:10
21. Let's Go Too Far (feat. Andrew Samonsky) 3:05 22. It's a Wonderful World-What a Day (feat. Melissa Dye) 3:58
23. Ain't Broadway Grand (feat. Ian Michael Stuart, Alex Rolocek, Steven Brinberg, Jillian Louis, Nicolette Hart, Jillian Louis, Susan Fanale) 2:50
24. Thank You For Coming (feat. Michael Lavine)

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