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Victor Herbert: Mlle. Modiste / Borowitz, Ohio Light Opera
Composer: Victor Herbert

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Product Description
Victor Herbert’s Mlle. Modiste
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2009 Summer Festival – DVD)

In 2009, The Ohio Light Opera celebrated the 150th birthday of the Father of American Operetta, Victor Herbert, with a production of his ground-breaking 1905 comic opera Mlle. Modiste. With a musical score full of hit-parade favorites of yesteryear—“The time and the place and the girl,” “The mascot of the troop,” and the irresistible “Kiss me again”—this show paved the way for the operetta triumphs in later years of Sigmund Romberg and Rudolf Friml.

By the time composer Victor Herbert began work in 1905 on his comic opera Mlle. Modiste, he already had 14 Broadway shows to his credit and a reputation as America’s most prominent composer of stage music. With Metropolitan Opera star Fritzi Scheff in the title role of Fifi, the hatgirl with dreams of a stage career, Mlle. Modiste opened on Christmas Day of 1905 and ran for 202 performances. Herbert’s musical score remains one of the supreme gems in the American operetta canon and it is fitting that the Ohio Light Opera celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth with this delightful operetta.

1. Mlle. Modiste: Act One: Overture
2. Mlle. Modiste: Opening: "Fur and Feathers"
3. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Oh no!"
4. Mlle. Modiste: Trio: "When the cat's away"
5. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Shall I go out?"
6. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "If given to surmising"
7. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue/Song: "Here's Captain Etienne? The time"
8. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Ah, Madame!"
9. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "If I were asked? Kiss me again"
10. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Delightful!"
11. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "Love me, love my dog"
12. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Ah, Monsieur Gaston"
13. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "Hats make the woman"
14. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Ah, Fifi, you're a darling!"
15. Mlle. Modiste: Finale: "No, she shall not go alone"

Disc 2
1. Mlle. Modiste: Act Two: Prelude: Chorus: "Six of us"
2. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue/Song: "François? Misunderstood"
3. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Gently, gently!"
4. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "I want what I want"
5. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Oh, Monsieur le Conte!"
6. Mlle. Modiste: Chorus: "Gladly we respond"
7. Mlle. Modiste: Ballet
8. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Ah, here you are"
9. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "Ze English language"
10. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "Ah, Mademoiselle Marie"
11. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "The mascot of the troop"
12. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "And now, dear"
13. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "The dear little girl who is good"
14. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue/Song: "Oh Hiram? Keokuk Culture Club"
15. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Ah, Count!"
16. Mlle. Modiste: Song: "The nightingale and the star"
17. Mlle. Modiste: Dialogue: "Don't mind me!"
18. Mlle. Modiste: Finale: "The mascot of the troop"

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