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Spend Spend Spend (London Cast Recording) ULTRA RARE!
Composer: Steve Brown
Lyricist: Justin Greene
Dickson, Barbara

Price: $19.95


Product Description
(Currently we are selling CD-Rs of the show manufactured-on-demand with a simple Black and White printout of the Cover and the Song Listing.)

This show (from late 1999) enjoyed a very short but well-deserved and interesting run winning the BEST MUSICAL prize at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards as well as the Critics Circle Award for BEST MUSICAL.

Directed by Jeremy Sands, SPEND SPEND SPEND tells the story of Viv and Keith Nicholson. In 1961, Littlewoods Football Pools (very much like our lottery) presented the young Yorkshire couple, Viv and Keith Nicholson, with their winnings - a cheque for a massive 152,000 pounds (worth millions today.) The press soon focused on the attractive, blonde miner's wife. When asked what she was going to do with the money she replied, "Spend, Spend, Spend!" If you won millions in the lottery, what would you do? That's exactly what they did too! Highly recommended!

1. Salon Mystique
2. I'll Take Care Of Thee
3. Upstairs In my Room
4. Sexual Happening
5. Special Day
6. The Boy Next Door
7. Scars Of Love
8. John Collier
9. The Win
10. Two Rooms
11. Spend Spend Spend
12. Miner's Arms
13. Garforth
14. Drinking In America
15. Canary
16. Who's Gonna Love Me?
17. Suits/Pieces Of Love
18. A Brand New Husband
19. Spent
20. Canary (Reprise)
21. Finale

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