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Sunday School Musical (DVD) Movie Musical

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Product Description
It's not a big budget musical. It's not a glossy production. It's not filled with superstar actors. Let's face it: Disney didn't just suddenly decide to produce a Christian version of High School Musical.

What Sunday School Musical is: a feel good story, a fun cast, some catchy songs, some energetic dances, and decent production values. Decent as in "up to standard" and decent as in "any age can see this."

And SSM also features a bright, wonderful talent...Chris Chatman. His performance is polished, his singing is top notch, and his dancing is fun. This guy deserves a career in show biz, and since the film was made in 2008 and I've never heard of him before this, I fear that his career is struggling, or (please don't say it) dead.

No, it's not a Disney spectacular. It's just a good, independent, low budget film aimed at a Christian audience. Yet the Christian values are not preachy, and the message is important to everyone...people of all faiths, people who are still searching for faith, and people of no faith at all, just a desire to make their world a better one.

Sunday School Musical is a winner--a little winner, but a winner just the same. Only a curmudgeon could watch this and come away frowning.

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