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The Singles Collection
Lee, Peggy

Price: $59.95

Audio CD (4 Discs)

Product Description
This is the finest collection of Ms. Lee's all-time favorite single hits. In this unique release, the labels that hold the rights to Ms. Lee's recordings (EMI, Decca and A&M) have cooperated to create a complete retrospective of her career. This 4-CD collection includes 35 years of single releases of songs by Cole Porter, Alec Wilder and Willard Robinson, John Sebastian and Lesley Duncan among many others. 44 of the 104 Tracks have never been released on CD before. The package includes a 72 page booklet with a Bio written by Will Friedwald and an interview with Lee's Daughter, Nicki Foster. It also features complete discography and never-seen-before photos.
Domestic Issue.

Track Listing:

Disc 1


1. Let's do it
2. Somebody nobody loves
3. Why don't you do right

4. On the Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe
5. It's anybody's spring


6. You was right baby
7. What more can a woman do
8. Waiting for the train to come in
9. I don't know enough about you
10. I can see it your way
11. Baby you can count on me
12. It's a good day
13. Nightingale can sing the blues
14. He's just my kind
15. She didn't say yes
16. Birmingham jail
17. Don't be so mean to me baby
18. It's the bluest kind of blues
19. Everything's moving too fast
20. Speaking of angels
21. Chi baba chi baba (My bambino go to sleep)
22. Just an old love of mine
23. Sugar
24. Golden earrings
25. Hold me
26. Them there eyes

Disc 2

1. Everybody loves somebody
2. Caramba it's the samba
3. Manana
4. So dear to my heart
5. While we're young
6. Don't smoke in bed
7. Just a shade on the blue side
8. You was - Lee, Peggy & Dean Martin
9. Someone like you
10. Please love me tonight
11. If you could see me now
12. Similau (See me lo)
13. You can have him
14. At the Cafe Rendezvous
15. Goodbye John
16. Through a long and sleepless night
17. Save your sorrow for tomorrow
18. Old master painter
19. Bless you (for the good that's in you) - Lee, Peggy & Mel Torme
20. When you speak with your eyes
21. My small Senor
22. Cry cry cry
23. Once around the moon
24. Helpless
25. They can't take that away from me
26. Happy music
27. Life is so peculiar

Disc 3

1. Where are you
2. Once in a lifetime
3. Mill on the floss
4. Yeah yeah yeah
5. Rock me to sleep
6. He's only wonderful
7. Wandering swallow
8. I love you but I don't like you
9. Tonight you belong to me
10. Don't fan the flame - Lee, Peggy & Mel Torme
11. Would you dance with a stranger
12. Everytime
13. Whee baby
14. Louisville Lou
15. Let's call it a day


16. Lover
17. Sugar
18. You gotta see mama
19. Mr Wonderful


20. Folks who live on the hill
21. Listen to the rockin' bird
22. Uninvited dream
23. Fever
24. Alright okay you win
25. Hallelujah I love him so
26. I'm looking out the window
27. You deserve

Disc 4

1. Heart
2. I'm gonna go fishing
3. My gentle young Johnny
4. Moments like this
5. I love being here with you
6. I'm a woman
7. Sneakin' up on you
8. Pass me by
9. Stop living in the past
10. Big spender
11. Come back to me
12. Walking happy
13. Didn't want to have to do it
14. Misty roses
15. It'll never happen again
16. Spinning wheel
17. Is that all there is
18. Something
19. You'll remember me
20. Pieces of dreams
21. Where did they go
22. Love song


23. Some cats know


24. Senza fine


25. Caramba it's the samba (false start)
26. It jumps about Helpless (false start)
27. Sonriente (practice)
28. Thank you very much (break) Lookin'/Window

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