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Laine, Cleo/Welch, Elisabeth/Grant, Cy/Browne, George

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Product Description
The Original London Cast Recording starring Cleo Laine, Elisabeth Welch, Cy Grant and George Browne.
One of the most sophisticated, gentle and endearing musicals of the 1960's, Cindy-Ella retells the story of Cinderella with the 'songs of Negro suffering'.
31 Tracks total:
1. I Gotta Shoe
2. Troubles Of The World
3. Motherless Child
4. Shine Shine Shoe
5. L'il Ella, Play On Yo' Harp
6. Round Like A Melon, Sweet Like A Peach
7. You Ain't Gonna Sit And Take Yo' Ease
8. Go 'Way F'om Ma Window
9. Man No Good For Nothin'
10. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
11. You're Worried Now
12. You Gotta Look Disdainful
13. Stranger
14. Git Along Home, Cindy, Cindy
15. High Summer Day
16. Look On Me With A Loving Eye
17. There's A Man Goin' Roun' Givin' Cards
18. Raise A Ruckus
19. Plenty Good Room
20. Bring A Little Pumpkin, Cindy
21. Cindy-Ella
22. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
23. Nobody's Business
24. Oh The First Time
25. Reprise: Look On Me With A Roving Eye
26. De Midnight Special
27. Let Me Hold Your Hand
28. Hush-A-Bye
29. Reprise: I Gotta Shoe
30. Reprise: Stranger
31. Reprise: Hush-A-Bye

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