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Man of La Mancha
Composer: Leigh, Mitch
Lyricist: Darion, Joe
Raines, Ron/Criswell, Kim/Saltzman, Avey

Price: $38.95

Audio CD (double)

Product Description
Covent Garden Festival! First Complete Recording!
BBC Concert Orchestra (conducted by Charles Bell)
Starring Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman
2 CD Set/49 track total.

Track Listings:

Disc: 1
1. Overture
2. Prison Scene
3. Man of La Mancha
4. The Enchanter
5. Fight of the Windmill
6. Scene: What did I tell you?...
7. It's All the Same
8. Scene: Payment before delivery?...
9. Dulcinea
10. Scene
11. I'm Only Thinking of Him
12. Scene: And now there appears on the scene...
13. We're Only Thinking of Him
14. Scene: Let us return now to the inn...
15. Scene: The Missive
16. I Really Like Him
17. Scene: Ay, there, old hack...
18. What Does He Want of Me?
19. Little Bird, Little Bird
20. Scene: I spit in the milk of your little bird...
21. Barber Song
22. The Golden Helmet of Mambrino

Disc: 2
1. Scene: Your friends have departed...
2. To Each His Dulcinea
3. Scene: Now I must consider how sages of the future...
4. The Impossible Dream
5. Scene: Once, just once would you look at me as I really am?...
6. The Combat
7. Scene: Victory! Victory! Victory!...
8. The Dubbing
9. Hail Knight of the Woeful Countenance
10. The Abduction
11. The Impossible Dream Reprise
12. Scene: That sound?...
13. Scene: My friend, I have lived almost fifty years...
14. Moorish Dance
15. Scene: Don't open the gates...
16. Aldonza
17. Knight of the Mirrors
18. Scene: Cervantes! Cervantes! Prepare to be summoned...
19. A Little Gossip
20. Scene: That's enough now...
21. Scene: Now come closer girl...
22. Finale
23. Scene: Under authority of the holy office...
24. The Impossible Dream Finale
25. Bows
26. Exit Music
27. Bonus track: Little Bird Little Bird (popular version)
28. Combat - BBC Concert Orchestra
29. Scene: Victory! Victory! Victory! - Kim Criswell
30. Dubbing - Ron Raines
31. Knight of the Woeful Countenance - Kim Criswell
32. Abduction - Kim Criswell
33. Scene: Ah, Sancho, How I Do Envy... - Ron Raines
34. Scene: That Sound? - Ron Raines
35. Scene: My Friend, I Have Lived... - Ron Raines
36. Moorish Dance - BBC Concert Orchestra
37. Scene: Don't Open the Gates - Kim Criswell
38. Aldonza - Kim Criswell
39. Knight of the Mirrors - Ron Raines
40. Scene: Cervantes! Cervantes! Prepare - Eliza Lumley
41. Little Gossip - Avery Saltzman
42. Scene: That's Enough Now - Kim Criswell
43. Scene: Come Closer Girl - Kim Criswell
44. Finale - Kim Criswell
45. Scene: Under Authority of the Holy Office - Ron Raines
46. Impossible Dream Finale
47. Bows - BBC Concert Orchestra
48. Exit Music - BBC Concert Orchestra
49. Little Bird, Little Bird [Popular Version][*]

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