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Meet Me in St. Louis
Composer: Martin, Hugh
Lyricist: Blane, Ralph
Hearn, George/O'Shea, Milo

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Audio CD

Product Description
Original Broadway Cast.
The 1989 Broadway musical features the great filmscore by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane, along with their songs written especially for this production. Among the titles are Paging Mr. Sousa, Wasn't It Fun. A Touch of The Irish, Along With The Trolly Song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and the title song. Also includes an unlisted interlude. 20 Tracks total.

Track Listing:

1. Overture & Meet Me in St. Louis - Milo O'Shea, Courtney Peldon and The Ensemble
2. Boy Next Door - Donna Kane
3. Be Anything But a Girl - Milo O'Shea, Courtney Peldon & Rachael Graham
4. Skip to My Lou - Juliet Lambert, Donna Kane, Michael O'Steen, Gregg Whitney, Jason Workman, Peter Reardon & The Ensemble
5. Under the Bamboo Tree - Donna Kane & Courtney Peldon
6. Banjos - Michael O'Steen and The Ensemble
7. Ghosties and Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night and Hallo - Betty Garret, Courtney Peldon & The Ensemble
8. Wasn't It Fun? - George Hearn & Charlotte Moore
9. Trolley Song - Donna Kane & The Ensemble
10. Entr'acte/Ice - Juliet Lambert & The Ensemble
11. Raving Beauty - Peter Reardon, Gregg Whitney & Juliet Lambert
12. Touch of the Irish - Betty Garret, Donna Kane & Juliet Lambert
13. You Are for Loving - Jason Workman & Donna Kane
14. Day in New York - George Hearn
15. Irish Jig (The Ball) - Milo O'Shea & The Company
16. Diamonds in the Starlight - Jason Workman
17. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Donna Kane
18. Paging Mister Sousa - George Hearn & The Company
19. [Unlisted Interlude]
20. Finale - The Company

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