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Metropolis (cast recording)
Version: LONDON
Composer: Brooks, Joe
Lyricist: Hughes, Don

Price: $38.95

Audio CD (double)

Product Description
Original London Cast Recording on a 2-CD Set; Show stars Brian Blessed and Judy Kuhn; TWO BONUS TRACKS; 39 Total.

Track Listing:

1. (i) Opening/101.11 (Maria, Children/Groat Workers) / (ii) Look, The Sun, Maria (Jade & Maria)
2. Hold Back The Night (Maria, Jade, Marco, George & Workers)
3. The Machines Are Beautiful (Freeman)
4. He's Distant From Me Now (Steven)
5. Elitist's Dance (Elitists)
6. Oh My, What A Beautiful City (Children)
7. This Is The Vision We're Forbidden (Maria)
8. Children Of Metropolis (Maria)
9. 50,000 Pounds Of Power/One More Morning (Workers, Steven)
10. It's Only Love/Bring On The Night (Steven & Maria)
11. Pressure Chant/Day After Day (Workers)
12. When Maria Comes (Workers)
13. You Are The Light (Maria & Workers)
14. The Girl Is A Witch (Jeremiah)
15. It's Only Love (Reprise) (Maria)
16. The Sun (George)
17. Almost Done (Warner)
18. (i) I Don't Need Help From You (Warner, Jeremiah) / (ii) There's A Girl Down Below (Warner, Jeremiah) / (iii) Futura/End Of Act One (Freeman, Warner & Workers)

1. Nothing Really Matters (Elitists)
2. I've Seen A Nightmare (Steven, Jeremiah)
3. This Is Life (Steven, Jeremiah & Elitists)
4. Look At This Girl Who Stands Before You (Freeman)
5. Futura's Dance (Futura & Elitists)
6. Where Do You Think She's Gone, Your Precious Maria? (Jeremiah, Lulu & Elitists)
7. If That Was Love (Steven)
8. Listen To Me (George & Steven)
9. Learning Song (Futura & Children)
10. Old Friends (Warner)
11. When Maria Wakes (Workers)
12. Futura's Promise/Maria's Insane (Futura & Workers)
13. Perfect Face (Warner)
14. Haven't You Finished With Me? (Maria & Warner)
15. Let's Watch The World Go To The Devil (Futura & Workers)
16. One Of Those Nights (Maria)
17. Requiem (Company)
18. Metropolis (Freeman)
19. Finale (Steven, Maria, Children & Company)

20. It's Only Love/Bring On The Night (Steven & Maria)
21. One Of Those Nights (Maria)

Brian Blessed (JOHN FREEMAN)
Graham Bickley (STEVEN)
Jonathan Adams (WARNER)
Paul Keown (JEREMIAH)
Stifyn Parri (GEORGE)
Lindsey Danvers (JADE)
Colin Fay (GROAT)
Megan Kelly (LAKE)
Robert Fardell (MARCO)
Lucy Dixon (LULU)
Keven Power (WORKER 1)
Gael Johnson (BESO)

Buz Butler, Joseph Lloyd Collatin, Stephen J. Colley, Mhairi Nelson, Geoffrey Dallamore, Teresa Revill, Mark Fredrick, Scott St. Martyn, Liz Izen, Simon Shelton, Martyn Knight, Charles Shirwell, Bo Light, Julie Ann Ward, Simon Warwich

Oswald Bailey, Ian McGregor, Amanda Cannon, Jean Paul Pfluger, David Cooper, Elizabeth Pearce, Clare Humphrey, James Tovell, Lucy Indrisie, Emmaline Wood

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