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Harry On Broadway, Act 1
Connick Jr., Harry

Price: $21.95

Audio CD (double)

Product Description
This special Harry Connick Jr. release features two distinct albums, packaged in a unique slip case.
One album includes the original cast recording from the Broadway hit "The Pajama Game."
The second album includes a selection of new recordings from "Thou Shalt Not" featuring Kelli O’Hara. All of these songs were written, arranged and orchestrated by Harry Connick, Jr.

"This set sheds the spotlight on Harry Connick Jr.'s first two major musical-theater experiences. On disc 1, the cast-album recording of the Pajama Game revival, his role is limited to that of singer. On disc 2, which includes songs from his own Thou Shalt Not, he is composer, pianist, and interpreter. The revival of The Pajama Game is all frothy fun and shows that Connick has what it takes to become a stage leading man. (He still sounds a little stiff at times, as in the spoken part of "Hey There" for instance.) Kelli O'Hara plays his love interest with spunky zest—appropriate, considering her part has been played by both Shirley McLaine and Doris Day—and it's hard to beat great tunes such as the aforementioned "Hey There," "Her Is," "Steam Heat" and "Hernando's Hideaway," performed here in a jumping eight-minute version. Note that both the show and the recording include three Richard Adler songs not in the original production: "If You Win, You Lose," "The World Around Us" and "The Three of Us." Thou Shalt Not was an interesting but flawed attempt, but this collection of songs - some of which were in the show, some of which were cut from it — works quite well on its own. Backed by his quartet (occasionally augmented by a discreet string section), Connick creates a jazzy, dimly-lit mood, especially on duets with Kelli O'Hara, such as "Can't We Tell" and the sumptuously melancholic "I Like Love More." Even when the pace slightly picks up on the Sinatra-esque "Oh! Ain't That Sweet," the general atmosphere remains classily subdued." - Elisabeth Vincentelli

CD 1:
1. Overture
2. Racing With The Clock
3. A New Town Is A Blue Town
4. I'm Not At All In Love
5. I'll Never Be Jealous Again
6. Hey There
7. Sleep Tite
8. Her Is
9. Once A Year Day
10. Once A Year Day Playoff
11. Her Is
12. Small Talk
13. There Once Was A Man
14. Factory Music / Slow Down
15. Hey There
16. Steam Heat
17. The World Around Us
18. Hey There Reprise / If You Win You Lose; Hey There / If You Win You Lose
19. Think Of The Time I Save
20. Hernando's Hideaway
21. The Three Of Us
22. Seven-And-a-Half Cents
23. There Once Was A Man
24. Hernando's Jive
25. The Pajama Game

CD 2:
1. Oh, My Dear (Something's Gone Wrong)
2. Can't We Tell
3. Such Love
4. I Like Love More
5. My Little World
6. All Things
7. I Need To Be In Love
8. Oh! Ain't That Sweet
9. The Other Hours
10. Take Advantage
11. Take Her To The Mardi Gras

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