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Tangled - Soundtrack (Menken-Slater) Donna Murphy
Composer: Alan Menken
Lyricist: Glen Slater

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Product Description
1. When Will My Life Begin? - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
2. When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 1) - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
3. Mother Knows Best - Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel"
4. When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 2) - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
5. I've Got a Dream - Brad Garrett as "Hook-Hand Thug," Jeffrey Tambor as "Big Nose Thug," Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel," Zachary Levi as "Flynn Rider" and Ensemble
6. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) - Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel"
7. I See the Light - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel" and Zachary Levi as "Flynn Rider"
8. Healing Incantation - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
9. Flynn Wanted Score
10. Prologue Songs and Score - Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel" and Delaney Stein as "Young Rapunzel"
11. Horse with No Rider Score
12. Escape Route Score
13. Campfire Score
14. Kingdom Dance Score
15. Waiting for the Lights Score
16. Return to Mother Score
17. Realization and Escape Score
18. The Tear Heals Score and Song - Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
19. Kingdom Celebration Score
20. Something That I Want - Grace Potter

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