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Her Highness The Prince - 2-CD-R VERSION INCLUDING ALL THE DIALOGUE FROM THE SHOW! (Comic Opera Guild) 2-CD-R
Composer: Offenbach, Jacques
Lyricist: Petiet, Tom
Petiet, Tom/Offenbach, Jacques

Price: $26.95

Comic Opera Guild


Product Description
THIS IS THE 2-CD-R VERSION OF THE SHOW THAT INCLUDES AL THE DIALOGUE - THE ENTIRE BOOK! Tom Petiet has written a very funny and clever book for this Offenbach pastiche!

The booklet accompanying the CD has all the lyrics! This is probably the funniest show that The Comic Opera Guild has ever done. We here at Footlight simply cannot get enough - Highly Recommended!

Comic Opera Guild's spring production is an hilarious pastiche by COG founder Tom Petiet, with music by the father of operetta Jacques Offenbach. Not content to have produced many of the composerís greatest hits, including La Belle Helene, La Vie Parisienne, and, most recently, The Grand Duchess, the company now offers a completely new work. It is based on the one-act L'Ile de Tulipatan, adding music from several Offenbach operettas only rarely heard in the States. It is a satire on sexual orientation and expectations, set in the improbable past.

"Satire and parody mark the best Offenbach," according to Petiet, "and are qualities rarely found in other musical productions. Therefore, we've always tried to emphasize these elements in our productions and avoid the "fluffiness" that one often finds in operetta. I've made a special effort to seek out especially captivating music for this new work." In the best tradition of works Offenbach wrote for the "boulevardieres" of Paris, Her Highness The Prince is full of lighthearted charm and wit, yet contains a soupcon of social commentary.

Although the music was written over a century ago, it has been rewoven to form a new show. The product of a nearly a yearís research and writing, Her Highness the Prince was created over 20 years ago, and then stood waiting for an opportunity to hit the boards. Various financial concerns continued to delay its opening until this year, the 41st for the Comic Opera Guild. Its style recalls the halcyon years of Broadway, when musicals were truly comedies. Offenbach was one of the few composers who was able to make the music humorous in its own right, independent of the lyrics, and it adds another level to the cleverness of the book.


Mesdames de la Halle
Genevieve de Brabant
L'Isle de Tulipatan
Les Bavards
La Jolie Parfumeuse
Le Voyage dan la Lune
Monsieur Choufleuri
Robinson Crusoe
Le Pont des Soupirs

ALSO AVAILABLE IS THE 1-CD-R VERSION OF THE SHOW that includes all the delightful Offenbach melodies only and none of the witty and charming dialogue. If you'd prefer the 1-CD-R version please CLICK HERE! The price for the 1-CD-R - SONGS ONLY - version of HER HIGHNESS THE PRINCE is $18.95.

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